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7314 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 706-7703

First, let me say I was expecting this place to be a bit more upscale after checking out the menu and seeing the range of prices.  I made reservations for a friday night and wow was I surprised… it was super casual.  Even the waitstaff was ultra casual.
It was very crowded, tables too close together.  We were first offered a table in the corner that was near impossible to fit 2 people so we asked to be seated somewhere less boxed in.  The hostess told us there would be a wait and with an annoyed attitude showed us to our new table.
There were no specials offered, and the waitress seemed distracted.  We had no silverware until we asked our server and our water was warm (and I never did get the ice water i requested).  There was no bread offered to our table either.

Now onto the Food and Drink:

My companion had a cocktail consisting of Prosecco, Vodka,  Blackberries  and Aged Balsamic, I had the Tatitian Iced Tea…Both were refreshing and the perfect summertime beverages.

We started with the cheese plate… 4 artisanal cheeses, some nuts, 2 types of honey and a few homemade bisciut crackers.  Incredible taste but difficult to eat without a decent cheese knife (we were given a steak knife) and nothing to serve the honey with.

We then had the ricotta gnocci with roasted beets and saffron butter (this dish was incredible).

I had the Polenta-Porcinni gratian and my lovely dinner companion had the chestnut flour crepe.  Both dishes were outstanding.

Dessert was Almond Bamboo Bon Bons…I wasn’t blown away by this dish.

The food itself was amazing but the dinner experience itself left alot to be desired.

Old School Custard

1316 E Pike
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 324-2586

Last summer, as part of my PNW ICE (Ice Cream Excursion) I ventured to Old School Frozen Custard… OH DEAR GOD is this place amazing.

The first visit was with my two gastronomic partners in crime.  I simply had a cup of the plain vanilla custard and was totally blown away by its simple deliciousness.  My companions had a sundae and the concrete…both were quite pleased.

I’ve been back atleast 15 times since my first visit.  I usually have a simple vanilla custard cup or cone.  I’ve opted for the flavor of the day several times,  Chocolate Peanut butter (DELICIOUS but WAY TOO RICH) and Hawaiian Coconut (HOLY HECK BUT IT WAS AMAZING) and I always check out their little freezer for a few pints to bring home.

Scoop Du Jour Ice Creamery

1316 E. Pike, Seattle 98122  (206) 324-2586

The staff at Scoop Du Jour were more interested in chatting than serving clients. It took over 5 minutes for the young woman behind the counter to make an iced coffee drink for the gentlemen in front of us…
The ice cream was disappointing, for the price I expected more than Edys and a handfull of other flavors. My companion had a bland cookie dough and I had the Lemon Vanilla. The waffle cones were also rather stale.

Will I venture back to Scoop… not likely.

So I came up with a rating scale for stops along this EATventure.

ONE Fork = Ummmm….never again

TWO Forks = Meh…I’ve had better

THREE Forks = Eh…Kinda Tasty

FOUR Forks = Holy Heck, I am a FAN

FIVE FORKS = AMAZING, There is no Better in this fat guy’s opinion

So I’m spending the month of August on the West Coast.  I’ll be in Seattle, Portland, along the Oregon Coast and in The Bay Area.

I went to the Cascade Farmer’s Market in Seattle and I swear to god, I had the most incredible Cupcake I have ever had.

It was from Cupcake Luv  and the flavor that BLEW ME AWAY was the ARABIAN NIGHTS: cardamom-pistachio cake, quince jam center topped with honey-rose infused buttercream.

Sadly I ate it before photographing it, but I intend on getting more and will share here soon!

So I’ve had my blog for over a year now and i think I have about 5 posts total.

I have come to the understanding that I am not a Blogger who writes about food…I am a Foodie who happens to have a blog.

Hopefully this will lead to more Foodie posts here on my blog…

Today I submitted my application to attend the 2010 Edible Schoolyard Academy in Berkeley, CA for two days this July.

The Chez Panisse Foundation presents the second annual Edible Schoolyard Academy: Creating Garden and Kitchen Classrooms in Every Community. The academies are designed to support emerging garden and kitchen programs nationwide, and to strengthen resource and information sharing among them. Led by Edible Schoolyard staff and guest presenters, the academies provide a two-day Edible Education immersion. Through hands-on activities, presentations, guided discussion, breakout sessions, and student-led tours, participants will learn to use tools for teaching Edible Education—an integrated approach to education in the garden, kitchen, and classroom.

I will find out if I’m accepted at the end of April, so wish me luck on this EATventure.

This morning I woke up and shared my blog-post with my wife.  She is 150% supportive of me and my foodie EATventures.  Since this particular EATventure was inspired by her training she is especially invested.

So I looked at those 8 Stepsand actually did a few things before noon today that are in-line with these True Food suggestions.  I get up crazy early to catch a 5:45 bus into midtown, then a train to my job in the Bronx.  By the time I get to Grand Central I NEED coffee (or tea in the winter).  My typical beverage of choice is a regular brewed coffee from Junior’s in the cooler weather months, or an English Breakfast tea from Dunkin’ Donuts.  Once spring arrives I switch to an Iced Quad espresso from Starbucks.  Today I made some decisions for myself.

In line with STEP 8: Green Your Kitchen I purchased a simple, energy efficent espresso machine.  No bells or whistles, no froth and foam and other stuff I’ll never need, just 4 shots of STRONG espresso to pour over ice, or make into ice cubes and allow them to melt in my reusable cold beverage travel mug.  This will cut down on the waste of resources like the 100 + cups, lids and straws that I use and throw away every school year.  Following STEP 1: Eat Local Foods and STEP 7: Stock Your Pantry  We typically have/use locally roasted, fair trade grown coffee beans that we purchase from independent coffee shops like Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn or when in the area,  Top Pot in Seattle.

Now this might sound simple and a no-brainer for some folks but I think that making deliberate choices around food (Coffee IS food) I am able to be more in control of how my choices impact more than just me.

true food

I just started reading the book TRUE FOODS: 8 Simple Steps to a Healthier You.

I am excited about implementing some, if not all of these into my life.  I picked up this book because my wife is training for a triathlon and I wanted to be a supportive spouse and make sure I was providing her with the proper type of nourishment she will need in her training.

Anyone who knows me will attest that I have far too many cookbooks, and that is what I first thought I was picking up when I saw the book TRUE FOODS.  When I started flipping thru the pages I kept thinking, “Huh…this is so simple, it just makes sense…I’m already doing some of this…oh, THIS is exactly what I needed to know…”

So, using the very dangerous iPhone app AMAZON.COM I ordered my very own copy.

Over the coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years I would like to implement these “8 Simple Steps”

1 ~ Eat Local Food

2~ Eat a Variety of Foods

3~ Aim for Organic

4~ Eat Lower on the Food Chain

5~ Eat Fresh Food

6~ Eat Whole Foods

7~ Stock Your Pantry

and 8~ Green Your Kitchen

Now, I am not doing this as a diet, or in any way to loose weight.  I also have no intention of giving up certain foods that I simply LOVE  (Ezell’s Fried Chicken, Jimmy Buff’s Italian Style Hot Dogs, White Manna Cheesburgers) but I would like to try to be more responsible in my food choices on many levels (Ecologically, Personal Health and Local Businesses).

My first project will be to address STEP 7: Stock Your Pantry.

Check in to see where this EATVENTURE takes me.

Welcome to Eatventure… Join me as I share my food adventures. Here you’ll also find just some thoughts from a Foodie on where to eat, what to eat, where to avoid, cheap eats, trashy snacks, best brunches, local markets, cooking, recipes and all things cullinary…