Founded in 2016, Eatventure is a Saudi-based venture capital firm focused on the food services, and food and beverage industries. We empower passionate entrepreneurs and business leaders – who are looking for ways to set their companies apart – to become better, fiercer, smarter, and cooler.

At Eatventure, we get fired up when bold, creative ideas have the potential to turn to exceptional, market-leading enterprises that move the food services and F&B industry forward. Our investments focus on enterprises with a sustainable point of differentiation, vision for the future, and the potential to disrupt or compete with leading players in the industry.

We believe in connecting extraordinary people to a thriving future. Whether you are just starting out or looking to raise your next round – we have the resources you need to jump-start and grow your operations, address complex market dynamics and daunting regulations, and navigate opportunities and challenges.

We take the risks worth taking. Eatventure isn’t just a name… We live our motto “Our money where our mouth is”.

What are we looking for:


From an idea scribbled on a napkin to all phases of growth, we engineer custom-tailored financing options that are flexible on structure, size, and stage of investments. We invest wherever we find the right opportunities and are not limited by geography.

The four most critical aspects we consider before investing are:


We focus on the expanse of the entrepreneur/leadership team, and assess their ability to execute


We believe passion fuels success. And, we look for extraordinary people to pursue their dreams.


We invest in companies with shared values and a common vision for the success of the business.


We look at the plausible market and how we can help the company achieve success.


From an idea scribbled on a napkin to all phases of growth, we invest in exceptional founders, entrepreneurs, and managers looking to execute against groundbreaking concepts or expand and grow their business to become an industry-leading, sustainable enterprise.

Eatventure focuses its investments on all aspects of the food and beverage, and food services industry, including retail, products, operations, and food technologies.



    In this category, Eatventure’s investments focus on food producers, retail concepts and venues. Our current and potential investments include grocery and convenience stores, organic food companies, butcher shops, health food stores, online grocers, food markets, gourmet/specialty food shops, and restaurants of all types and sizes (quick service, fast casual, casual and fine dining).



    In this category, Eatventure’s investments focus on high quality ingredients and products, including agricultural commodities, fertilizer products, packaged goods, off-the-shelf products, local and international specialties, natural and organic foods, beverages, dairy products, sweets, bread, beans, packaged spices and condiments.



    In this category, Eatventure’s investments focus on improving operational efficiencies, minimizing waste, reducing stocks, and bringing down outstandings. This includes helping advance the manufacturing supply chain, systems infrastructure, digital manufacturing, production models and plants, energy efficient and lean model factories, outsourcing, manpower supply, packaging, distribution models, process optimization, sales and marketing.



    In this category, Eatventure’s investments focus on entrepreneurs and business managers who seek to make their operations more seamless, while giving customers more entertaining, memorable experiences. These include: delivery services, points of sale capabilities, online food sales, off-premise-driven dining, food on-demand, reservation apps, multi-sensory dining experiences, special dietary dining apps, and automated dining experiences.

meet the team

Eatventure’s leaders are a team of serial entrepreneurs and accomplished businessmen who are committed to bringing exciting ideas to life. We play to our strengths and value people for theirs.

With over 30 decades of combined market and industry experience, the team provides unique access to a vast network of industry leaders and specialized experts. Our expertise complements our enduring hunger for incredible opportunities.

Ahmed Al Rasheed


With over 30 years of experience, Ahmad is a mogul in the food industry with an eye for talent and a knack for identifying high-growth investments. Over the years, he has successfully established brands that were sold or expanded to an international level franchise. Ahmad is the co-founder of Shawarmer, the largest chain in Saudi Arabia that is set to open its first global chain in 2018. Ahmad has made it his mission to empower entrepreneurs and founders to build and grow their business. In his free time, he loves to cook and work on numbers.

Osama Al Rasheed

Managing Partner

Osama is a passionate entrepreneur and business builder responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations at Eatventure. He has extensive regional and international experience in developing concepts, marketing and branding, as well as a strong background in consulting within the food industry. Osama is adept at spotting new market trends and determining their potential. Over the past xx years, he has established and is today a partner in five companies and has provided unique insight in helping grow nationally recognize brands. Osama is a foodie at heart – he travels to eat and has a strong passion for meats.

Saeed Halabi

Investments Director

A fascination for numbers has driven Saeed ahead in his career. He is a passionate entrepreneur and business owner with special interest in helping build companies from scratch and enabling struggling enterprises to overcome the challenges they face. He has an eye for spotting, creating, and capitalizing on opportunities. He is responsible for managing relationships with Eatventure’s portfolio companies and prospect investments. In his free time, Saeed enjoys experimenting in his own laboratory – his kitchen – creating recipes and cooking up a storm.

Jamal Zakzuk

Business Development Director

A creative thinker and food enthusiast who has worked within the region’s F&B industry for almost his entire career, Jamal has a strong passion for discovering new restaurants and a knack for delving into emerging market trends and potential disruptive factors. With in-depth expertise in creative production, and concept development, Jamal has helped build brands and businesses, working with both advertising agencies and within start-ups and multinational enterprises.






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Based in Riyadh, Golden Brown is a premiere bakery specialized in cookies brownies, pastries, and bite-sized sweet and savory treats. The bakery has gained popularity for its quintessential half cookie/half brownie product, which is today available in various flavors and sold in over 120 outlets in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.


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